Tartan Fleet 3400, 3700, 4300 and 4400

IYC Yacht Sales

October 10, 2023

IYC is proud to announce their authorized Caribbean dealership for Tartan Yachts.  One of America’s leading and most respected yacht builders has designed several top quality performance cruising yachts that are ideal for sailing in the Virgin Islands.  Tartan sailboats have been at the forefront of yachting since the venerable Tartan 27 was designed in 1960 and launched in 1961.  The 27 laid the foundation for the development of sensible, well built and great performing sailboats.  Well known for exceptional handcrafted interiors, Tartan has continually advanced the boat building art by being a leader in lamination technology that delivers boats of exceptional strength and performance. Now in its 63rd year Tartan continues to offer a level of design sophistication, furniture quality interior joiner work and unmatched composite technology to discerning sailors everywhere

Tartan 5300 under sail, starboard tack.

Tartan 535 under sail.


The Tartan Yachts represent the optimum balance of quality, comfort, performance, ease of handling and price. These qualities combined with their unequaled resale value make them the ideal charter vessel.

Check out the full line of Tartan Yachts here: https://www.tartanyachts.com/models/

The Truth About Yacht Charter Investment

At Island Yachts we have always believed that the key to our success has been our frankness with our customers. We know that with candor comes integrity and while this philosophy may not help us sell as many boats as “the other guys”, our customers will ultimately make their buying decisions based on reality rather than false promises.

The fact is that buying a yacht and placing it in charter service for four or five years is not an investment. The average 15 year boat mortgage will far outlive the yachts charter service career, and in many instances, the used market is saturated with ex-charter vessels from various fleets, what we call “disposable” boats that can’t be sold for the owners mortgage. Consequently, in many cases the owner must put the boat in a secondary charter fleet to continue to make mortgage payments, or be forced to sell the boat at an upside-down closing.

IYC is a repeat recipient of the Golden Wrench award for excellence in customer care. That’s why Island Yachts has chosen Tartan Yachts for our management program. Meticulously manufactured, Tartan Yachts hold up incredibly well in bareboat service, and their unique in the Caribbean charter industry, increasing their popularity among potential charter guests who are looking for an alternative to the same yachts offered by most charter companies.

We allow our owners to use their boats as often as possible, whenever they want. We feel the true payoff of owning a boat in the Caribbean is to use it to sail our premiere cruising grounds whenever possible, then leaving her with a reputable charter firm where she can earn income while you attend to the other areas of your life.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you a potential owner who would like to participate in your boat and have unlimited use of her while in charter service?
  • Would you like to keep abreast of all facets of your boat’s chartering schedule, maintenance and repairs throughout her charter career?
  • Would you like to have charter service cover your mortgage payments for the first 5 years of ownership?
  • Would you like to have a boat of value that statistically can sell for her base price after she leaves charter service?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then the Island Yachts program may just be the one for you. Consider all the alternatives, then talk to us. With 47 years of experience in the bareboat charter business let us inform you. You’ll be pleased you did!

For a complete Purchase Management portfolio phone us at (340) 344-2143 or fill out the Yacht Sales Questionnaire on this site. We look forward to hearing from you!

IYC is the Caribbean’s authorized dealer for Tartan Yachts

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